Who Are The Willows?

The Willows – channeled by David Watson – describe themselves as a Soul Group or Group Energy often consisting of thousands of entities that exist on both the physical and non-physical plane. This includes entities on the spirit plane as well as the Higher Selves of many still living in the here and now, including your higher self when you engage in a Willow session.

The Willows’ central purpose is to help us fulfill our potential in life by opening to and manifesting the free will we all hold at our very core. Their unique perspective of our inner world and an uncanny knack for getting to the heart of matters without having to perform major surgery have provided thousands the opportunity to truly take charge and begin living the life they choose to live. The most important message The Willows share with us is that we quite literally create our own reality moment by moment by exercising free will. Importantly, they show us how to do this in graceful, easy to understand ways that enhance the quality of our physical walk. However, as with everything in life, it is ultimately up to ourselves to take action or not.

The Willows are part of our Collective Consciousness. A group mind whose loving intention contributes to the very evolution of our Universe. David has chosen to connect and communicate with this eternal energy mind. He is not “taken over” or controlled and the channeling process causes no physical discomfort whatsoever. In fact, David comes out of Trance feeling better than when he went in – it has become a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for him.

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