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“The more self-aware we become, the greater our flexibility. The greater our flexibility, the more we develop the ability to effortlessly conceive, pursue and achieve our goals.”             ~ The Willows

Living Life from the Inside Out

Have you ever wondered who you are, what you’re doing here or what exactly your life’s purpose may be? These are penetrating, powerful questions that require a subjective “shift” to take place so you can determine the answers and fully live them in “real time”..

“Being You” is a seven-part, weekly, personal commitment to yourself encouraging you to act as your own catalyst towards achieving inner mastery. The 2 hour weekly sessions consist of a series of guided transformational exercises and discussions which will help you come closer to understanding how to start living your life in a balanced new way – from the inside out. Discover the truth of who you have always been, from the moment you came into this world – before you were influenced by the expectations and beliefs of others.

If you feel the time has come to have your own inner strength revealed to you, choose the high road and step into the life you’ve always wished to live. Join Life Strategist David Watson for this evolutionary workshop to create a more rewarding path and reshape your future.

Every journey begins with a single step. Why not take the first 7 steps now?

When: Monday nights from October 31st to December 12th from 7-9 o’clock

Where: THE CARROT COMMON 348 Danforth Avenue

Cost: $250

Contact: David @ 416-899-3600 for more details or register below.

Personal Growth Workshops

Each of us is far more than we would ever care to imagine. While the world around us appears to be the only reality we can focus on there is a deeper and more rewarding part of ourselves that is a direct reflection of the original energy of creation.

It is this part that seers, psychics, channelers, clairvoyants and in fact all those who depend on their extra sensory perceptions use. Our purpose is to help you connect with this part of yourself without any smoke and mirrors.

Too many people who have “special abilities” keep their knowledge hidden from others for a variety of reasons. We believe that time has passed and the basic understanding of our greater selves can now step into the picture.

We encourage every person awakening to their potential to begin practicing on a regular basis to connect with their inner self. This is why we have created exciting workshops to encourage just this sort of development.

Our number one workshop is our Channeling Intensive which is two days of practicing the basics of channeling through a series of exercises and meditations that awaken you to your greater source. Much has been said and written about channeling since the term was popularly coined in the eighties. Essentially channeling is the conscious or unconscious accessing of information from a source other than the day-to- day mind. Channelers claim to receive information from their higher or greater self, angels, aliens, animals, trees and plants, spirits – both singular and groups, crystals and other minerals, other dimensions, energy forms, the universe, god or gods, prophets and countless other sources that the channeler, medium, clairvoyant or psychic feels connected with.

Regardless of the source, the key is the sense of connection and the ability to allow information to enter the mind spontaneously without editing, analyzing or rationalizing. As citizens of this Universe, we all have the natural ability to channel – all we have to do is connect with our source within. It is from this perspective that the Channeling Intensive was developed. This is a practical approach to channeling that strips away the mystery often surrounding the process.

Ask the Willows

This three-hour event is our most popular venue. This is an introduction to the Channelling process where you will learn of its’ nature and how each of us holds within ourselves that unique connection to the Universal One of Creation. Join us for a sharing of the stories and anecdotes that make up the story of the Willows as David speaks of his experiences with this unique energy he has channelled for over 25 years. This is a great opportunity to participate in an interactive forum that finishes with a one hour Willow reading. All participants will have an opportunity to have at least one question answered by the Willows.

Whether you are a seasoned new age veteran or are merely curious about channelling, you will gain a deeper insight into yourself and your life process through this fascinating workshop.

Exploring Past Lives

In this interactive, one-day workshop you will discover your most significant past lives and how they may enrich your life today. You will also gain valuable insights by visiting the between life state where life contracts may be determined. This is an ideal class for both first timers and seasoned ‘travelers’ on the Path. You will learn powerful, yet safe and gentle techniques that add a sense of continuity to your life while renewing your sense of purpose and direction. This is one of the best workshops of its type.

The Keys Course

The Keys is the best psychic development workshop I have ever attended. I first took the course almost 30 years ago and it quite literally changed my life.

As you know I am a Deep Trance Channeler, Hypnotist and Psychotherapist. The Keys Course teachings were instrumental in helping me form the foundation of a career that has given me the opportunity to help thousands of clients improve the quality of their lives for over a quarter of a century.

The Keys Course was created by my friends and mentors, gifted psychics Cliff and Linda Preston to help us all release limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves that define what we can and can’t do. Once cleared you open yourself to your true potential where quite literally anything becomes possible. The Keys Course is a practical, down to earth approach to psychic and self-awareness. Based on sound principles you are logically provided access to your super conscious mind allowing you to tune into a higher state of consciousness and knowing to connect with and unleash your true psychic abilities.

Channelling 101 – The Intensive

Join me for this brand new, hands-on Learn How to Channel Workshop that concentrates 25 years of my Channeling experience with the Willows into two power-packed days. Channeling is a natural expression of a broader, loving, more compassionate and non-judgemental way of communicating from a deep intuitive perspective. It truly adds depth and wisdom to your life’s journey as you gain a greater understanding of the higher aspects of conscious living.

The Intensive consists of a series of dynamic, breakthrough techniques that quickly bring you into a deeper state of consciousness. From that place you will safely access useful information through the invisible source of the collective conscious. In short, you will be channeling by the end of the weekend.

If you’ve completed the Keys Course or have personal experience on the path then you are ready for The Intensive. Meet your potential and take this empowering step onto the next level of your personal evolution.