Being You

“Being You”

Living Life from the Inside Out

Have you ever wondered who you are, what you’re doing here or what exactly your life’s purpose may be? These are penetrating, powerful questions that require a subjective “shift” to take place so you can determine the answers and fully live them in “real time”..

“Being You” is a seven-part, weekly, personal commitment to yourself encouraging you to act as your own catalyst towards achieving inner mastery. The 2 hour weekly sessions consist of a series of guided transformational exercises and discussions which will help you come closer to understanding how to start living your life in a balanced new way – from the inside out. Discover the truth of who you have always been, from the moment you came into this world – before you were influenced by the expectations and beliefs of others.

If you feel the time has come to have your own inner strength revealed to you, choose the high road and step into the life you’ve always wished to live. Join Life Strategist David Watson for this evolutionary workshop to create a more rewarding path and reshape your future.

Every journey begins with a single step. Why not take the first 7 steps now?

When: Monday nights from October 31st to December 12th from 7-9 o’clock

Where: THE CARROT COMMON 348 Danforth Avenue

Cost: $250

Contact: David @ 416-899-3600 for more details or register below.


Deposit: (PayPal) $100

Full Payment: (PayPal) $250