What Kind Of Questions Should I Ask?

How many times have you become so concerned with the form of a question that the content became secondary? A Willow consultation is all about asking the right questions for you. Not worrying about how it sounds.

While we can’t tell you what questions to ask we do suggest that you have a variety of questions prepared before the reading. If it’s difficult to be specific – ask yourself, “What do I need to know that I have not been getting the answers for?”

Begin by sorting out your questions by subject and then in order of importance. The spectrum is unlimited. You may ask about relationships, health, business affairs, spiritual matters, earth changes – past life connections, angels and guides – anything that’s important to you. The Willows say there are no unimportant questions. If it matters to you, then it should be addressed.

When drafting your questions be as specific as possible. In the case of personal or business matters, include a short scenario with principle players and their relationship to you. If it’s a physical reading, then include what you already know about the condition. Should you not know what is wrong, indicate your area of concern. Clients will often write their questions in point form giving them a lot more flexibility during the reading.The more specific the question – the more specific the information will be.
We suggest that you bring more questions than you think you may need. Often The Willows reply to one question may also provide information to other questions before you actually have a chance to ask them – so it pays to come with plenty of “ammunition”. Should you need help or just a sounding board when composing your questions – give us a call at (416) 899-3600 and we’ll do our best to give you a hand.