Welcome To Ask The Willows

Welcome To Ask The Willows

Thanks for dropping by. I’ve had a busy and very productive year with workshops, personal development events and of course many productive, one on one readings and life strategy sessions. More and more of us are choosing to take that path to self-actualization. Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts and Seth , Lee Carol and Kryon, Abraham with Esther and Jerry Hicks, Darryl Anka and Bashar, the Echoes and Cliff Preston and of course the Willows all act as positive channels pointing the way to opening the doors of perception and self mastery. I’m grateful to be a part of that Transformational Wave as we all continue to commit helping each of us live the life we choose to live.

This Fall I am launching a new program called “Being You” to meet an increasing demand for practical, easy to practice techniques that will allow you to enter into higher realms of knowing consciousness. The techniques are gleaned and modified from over thirty years of experience from working with others to help them achieve a clearer vision of their lives and consequently their sense of happiness and personal fulfillment. This is not about telling people how they should feel or think. “Being You” actually teaches you how to get there from here and then how to stay there!

Human existence is based on living life from the outside in. We are taught to believe that having is happiness, finance is freedom and controlling the world around us equates to true power in life. Many of us though, ultimately conclude by the process of elimination, that these values, beliefs and rules of engagement we are issued at birth may not be providing us with enough of that inner happiness we need to feel fulfilled. Many feel the need to begin a journey to discover that elusive inner happiness we require to feel complete. True happiness and fulfillment arise from the understanding that a successful life philosophy is the result of understanding that these qualities are, in fact, created by and filtered through an internal process. In other words, living life from the inside out.

“Being You” consists of 7 weekly, 2 hour sessions on Mondays, beginning October 31st, that will lead you through the steps toward self actualization. Each week you will learn and practice different, natural processes that teach you how release yourself from feeling stuck and how to take the time to make the difference you need for your life.

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